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Youngest of the boys, Dusty
seems to have an undying
love for all creatures. Even
a dog that has jumped on
him many times, he still tries
to love and hold. To the left
you see Dusty with a four
foot python in his lap. He
had no fear, all he saw was
the beauty of Gods creation.
I sometimes wish we could
all see the world through his
eyes, and love one another
the way he loves animals.
To the right you see Dusty
with a baby lemur
monkey, and with him is
the one woman that loves
us all no matter how crazy
we may be. Shannon is
truly amazing with Dusty.
He fell in love with her as
quickly as I did. She tells
everyone that these three
boys are hers, and in Gods
eyes, my eyes, and the
eyes of the boys, they are