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Shannon's Story
Shannon Lemly
Born:  October 22, 1972
Place:  Cambridge, Massachusetts (True Yankee)
Grew up:  Somerville, Massachusetts
School:  Many elementary schools
         Somerville High School
Siblings:  Only child
Career:  Communications Specialist for Circle of Care
Live:  Tahlequah, Oklahoma at the United Methodist Children's Home
Children:  3 Step children (Preston, Colt, and Dusty)
Marital Status:  Married.  Wes and I got married on December 14, 2001
Goals:  To be the best at whatever I intend to do
    First and foremost...God
    My Family (Wes, Colt, Preston, Dusty)
    Playing online
    Making people happy

Wes has been asking me to write something here for so long now but I'm not really sure what to write.  To write about my life would probably be boring to most.  
I think he wanted me to tell about my childhood and past but to dig all of that up and to put it into words would take me forever so for now this will just have to do...
I began working for Circle of Care in December of 2000 as an Assistant Family Counselor at the United Methodist Boy's Ranch in Gore, Oklahoma.  I decided to resign as that position so I could spend more time with Wes and the boys.  I was very fortunate that a position came open and I gladly accepted the position of Communications Specialist.  
My new position is very rewarding and fun.  It is a challenge that was difficult at first but I have grown into the position and I am having lots of fun with it.  Leaving the ranch was very sad for me but I'm very grateful to still be a part of the boy's life at the ranch.  
My birthday was on October 22, 2001 and I turned 29.  Wes came to the ranch with 29 roses for me.  It was so romantic.  Then he took me out to lunch and then home.  When the boys got home from school they wanted to celebrate my birthday by going out so the three of us (Preston, Colt and I) had a date.  We started the night off with dinner at Hardees and then a relaxing!  We had so much fun together.  Wes couldn't join us because he had to sleep because he had to work that night.  Wes and I weren't going to celebrate my birthday together until the following Saturday.
When Saturday, October 27th came we had such a busy day.  We spent the day with all three boys and our church at the Little Rock Zoo and then had to get our costumes on for a Halloween party at Aunt Kim's house.  Wes and I were going on the Arkansas River Queen to celebrate my birthday that evening and it was also a costume party.  Our friends Deborah and Nick and Wes' Dad and Step mom joined us for the dinner cruise.
When the lady showed us to our table there were a dozen and a half roses on the table for me.  MORE ROSES!!!  The man that was singing and playing the guitar announced that it was my birthday and we all had dessert.  It was such a fun time.  Then he played a song for me.  Next thing I know the lady gave Wes the microphone and I looked over at him and he was on one knee!!!  My hands were shaking.  Everything that I had rehearsed over and over in my head for this moment when he proposed was suddenly gone and all I could do was stick out my hand for him to put the ring on my finger and nod my head yes.  I can't even tell you what he said to me because I was so nervous.  It was the most romantic night of my life.  I was so happy that the people that were there with us were able to share that moment with me.  It was perfect!   
So let me summarize the past month for you.  One Monday I resigned from my job.  Then the next Monday I had a birthday.  The next Monday I went into work and I was engaged and then to top it all off, the next Monday we bought a ...CARAVAN!  YIKES!!!
Wes and I decided to elope.  We decided on a Wednesday that we would get married on Friday.  Even though it was only going to be Wes, Preston, Colt and me, I was so nervous.  We went and got our marriage license and got married at the court house.  We didn't care where it was as long as we were  together.
Even though eloping was what we wanted we still wanted at some point to commit our love and lives to each other in front of our family and God so on April 26th we will be going to Eureka Springs and having the most romantic renewal of our vows with our friends and family.  
I thank God everyday for providing a wonderful life for me and I thank Wes for being the best husband in the world.  

I love you Wes!