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Her Happiness

From the heart of a man
who loves her so true
This is what I long to achieve
I share this with you

To hear her laugh brings
all to my life
To see her smile
relieves my strife
She will never know
what she means to me
For it is only her
in my life I see

Hard it will be
apart so much
But I will look forward to
her calming touch

For the only goal
I have from here
Is to never ever
let her fear

She needs to know for
her I will do anything
All that I can to
her I will bring

She holds my heart
in the palm of her hand
Yet is gentle with it
for this I had not planned

I never knew one could
love me as she
For I am hard to love
that is just me

Her sadness hurts
not only herself
For those who love her
sit her on a shelf

Her presents is demanding
of a respect
Do to her great heart
and caring aspect

All that know her hate
to see her in pain
It is her love that she
gives us all  in vain

We could never repay
the time she gives
In our heart
forever she lives

The boys she shows
so much love
Here and there
from heaven above

Our hearts want her
always to be happy
For our love for her
links us completely

When she is sad
we want to cry
For her heart never deserves
even to sigh

I wish to give
all in myself
To make the sad parts
lie on a shelf

Only the good I want
to bring down
To her never
should I give a frown

Though this I know
is impossible to do
It is a wish in my heart
that she knows is true

When she laughs
all bad fades away
I love you!
is what I always say

It brings to me
such great joy
Like a young child
with his favorite toy

A smile comes to me
and all who are around
When she is making
that wonderful sound

Now to the smile
that wakes up my world
With wonderful feelings
she uncurled

With my heart in her hand
she is always gentle
Treats me better than
I could ever handle

Never away
she is here in spirit
Her wonderful voice
I just close my eyes to hear it

This is why
I love her so
And to fill her life with happiness
is my ultimate goal

Her happiness
Our lives
The only dream
Worth striving for
For a life with her
Is all I see
It makes life worth living for me
She is the dream I waited so long for
She is a gift from God
Nothing less, but sometimes more

This is for her eyes to see
In hopes she sees what she means to me