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Not a cell phone
is this about
But the lack of a wire
makes me want to shout

We were joined
by a copper line
That gave us each other
and made you mine

The fact it is gone
is hard to bare
For my thoughts with you
I long to share

The sound of you r voice
and laughter to
I miss so much
that part of you

Even though
we are miles apart
The wire brought us together
with love in our hearts

Soon I hope
we will reconnect
To touch each other
with our voices I suspect

You never know
what we may say
When no one is around
with words we can play

Your sensuous voice
brings me to my knees
I will beg for more
saying please, please

To you I hope
I could do the same
For what we do alone
should bring us no shame

Thinking of each other
in this wonderful way
We should never fear
of what we might say

Names are OK
in the heat of love
Call me anything
or all of the above

Never in anger
should this occur
But in heart
it should for sure

Never a moment
do I not think of you
With you alone
all the things we could do

A letter like this
I could never before write
To you came along
and gave me sight

A new life
that is fun to live
Thinking of you
and all that you give

A love so grand
and the sense of touch
From you it means
so, so much

Never a doubt
of your love I see
From heaven above
it can only be

Soon I hope
to end this mess
Then no longer us be