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Arriving Soon

Finally you are coming home
right now on your way
Cannot wait to hold you near
to feel your love I pray

Long ago we parted
for what would seem
A short time to others
but for me a bad dream

I have longed so much
to kiss your lips
And grab a hold
on those wonderful hips

For a touch from you
I so much crave
To Love you always
till I go to my grave

Even then
I will haunt your dreams
Till you are there with me
by a celestial stream

For in front of the one
who sent you to me
He is the God
I wish so much to see

To thank him in person
for what he has done
Like I do from earth
in the name of his son

Bringing us together
in a most unique way
I pray to thank him
each and every day

You make me whole
even when were apart
Cause you are never far
when your in my heart

You should arrive
any moment now
To see a man who loves you
and will give you his vows