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Letter of Love


    I am here with no contact with you accept a quick promise of you calling me back. I am sure you are just very busy and do not have time, plus this phone may be messed up again. I only can pray that this is the reason we have not spoken for nearly 24 hours. There is a fear deep in me that the lack of communication could be caused by something I have said or done to upset you. I am just lonely I guess, and in severe need of your voice to make me whole. You always make everything better.
    Most of the day has been spent here in the office working on the files, and thinking of you, wondering when we will talk again. This is almost unbearable, doing without your beautiful voice is harder than I ever would have imagined. I even bought a calling card so it would not cost you when I call, but have not had time to even let you know before you say you will call me right back. The boys are a lot for you when you are alone and I need to learn that you have very little time when you are the only one with them. We all demand so much of you because of how wonderful you make us all feel. Contact with you is like talking to an angel from heaven above. The ranch sees this the same as I do. You know this to be true.

    Please accept my apology for anything that I may have done the last few days that made your work harder in any way. You mean the world to me.

I Love You Shannon!