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Look & See

Just look at me
deep in my heart
I hope you see
I've loved you from the start
Not only your eyes
or even your hair
But all the sighs
when, when I am there
Every breath you take
is a gift to all
For our sake
God gave us his all
When greeting you
God did his best
For he only knew
You would be the test
You lived a hell
for many years
But God could tell
You had to many tears
He showed you the light
when far from home
He gave you sight
so you will no longer rome
For this gift was given
not only to you
But was driven
by what you could do
Sharing this with others
is your new goal
To show mothers
how to teach from the soul
I want to share the goal with you
for I love you so
You know this is true
so please do not say no
I give my life from here on out
to you Shannon
through flood or drout
with the thought of being with you in heaven
I love You Shannon!!!!!