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Life is like a river
On the way to its destination
The water picks up sand, and mud
It caries this many miles
Through a long life
Around many obstacles
Never really knowing when or where the journey will end
It caries its load of unwanted grit
Yet one day it finds its way
To an ocean where it may rest
There to lay down the sand and mud
At the end it found the one thing we all should find
That place where we lie down our burdens
At the foot of the greater being
For Jesus is Our ocean
And the foot of the cross Our burdens are placed
The flow of life like the flow of the river
Is full of grains of sand that we pick up without want
But remember the end is never to far
For unlike the river, we know where we are going

Dedicated to the best friend I will ever have, and the wonderful thought of Her making it to the ocean.
This is for you Shannon, I hope it explains what you found