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From Shannon

Hello baby:

I'm sitting here and thinking of you. I'm at the pool
with the guys. The sun is shinning so bright with a
few scattered clouds here and there. Today would be a
great day to be laying in a field watching the clouds
pass by.
I am really excited about our family trip to Six
Flags. We are going to have so much fun. The camping
out will be an adventure. The boys will love it. It
will be fun just because we will all be together. We
need to do stuff like this more often.
Wes, I love you so much and I'm so happy that we are
working through our differences. Things are going to
be so much better between us because of the
understanding of the love we share with each other.
I could never fully express the love I have for you
because my love runs very deep and goes on and on
forever and I know you love me like that also.
I know what I want and what I want for my future. I'm
sure that I will not have everything I have always
dreamed of but I do know that I want happiness with
you and the boys and maybe, God willing, one of our
own someday.
Right now my life is good again. With both of us
working together we can make it even better. We have
to be supportive of one another and when things get
tough we need to not back away or run away but work it
out together and find a common ground. I know that
everyday won't be perfect and we will argue. We will
get upset with each other but as long as we are honest
with each other and we talk about it when we are calm
then things will be just fine.
I believe that our relationship will be stronger than
before because we now know what it is like to not have
one another but it will take time. I do know that I
love you and will work hard at this as long as you are
will to also.
I'm not giving up on us so I hope you don't either.
Just know that I need to take baby steps and then we
can take leaps!

I love you Wes and that, my love, will never change!

All my love,