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My Love Is Yours

My love for you is never ending
Your soul is my heavenly bedding
My heart is an open book for you to read
Your touch is the only stimulation I need
My whole body warms when you are near
Your heart can take away my every fear
My arms longed to hold you at the very first
Your wonderful body quenches my every thirst
My love for you is so complete
Your other men cannot compete
My eyes show tears every time you leave
Your promise to return helps me not to grieve
My baby boys care about every word you say
Your name is in thier hearts every time they pray
My heart, body, and soul are yours forever
Your love for them I hope will end, never
My writing skill is poor I know
Your understanding of this is so
My wish is to end with this
Your heart with mine sealed with a kiss

Forever Yours I will be.
I Love You Shannon!!!