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Shannon's Journal

December 1, 2001

    Wes and I moved from Clarksville, Arkansas to Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  We now live at the Children's Home where I work and live.

December 3, 2001

    I started my new job as Communications Specialist for the Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care.  In December of 2001 I became the Assistant Family Counselor at the United Methodist Boy's Ranch.  That is a residential home that is part of Circle of Care.  I resigned from that position in November and they offered me the Communication position.  I was VERY happy to stay with this wonderful ministry.  I am still able to be involved with the children and also move on with a rewarding career.

December 8, 2001

    Wes, Colt, Preston, Dusty and I went fishing in the pond that is right  behind our house.  The boys were very excited to move here so they could fish whenever they want to now.  We didn't catch anything and got frustrated because our fishing poles need repairing.

December 14, 2001

    Wes and I took Preston and Colt to the court house in Fort Smith, Arkansas and got married.  We decided on Wednesday that we would just elope.  The boys were so happy!  Now I am Mrs. Wesley Lemly and the step mom to three wonderful boys.

December 22, 2001

    We are having our first house guest.  My aunt Dolly is coming for Christmas from Arizona.  Wes and the boys are so excited to meet her.  She is staying for the week.  I can't wait to see her also.  I haven't seen her since I moved from Arizona in December of 1999!

December 27, 2001

    Everyone had an awesome Christmas.  The boys got new bikes from us and Santa brought them MANY toys!  Thanks to aunt Doll the boys are also equipmed with safety gear for the new bikes.  It was great having Aunt Doll here for the holiday.  We also got a chance to visit Wes' family for Christmas!

January 1, 2002

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Preston and Colt went to an All Night Skate at the Skate house in town.  They had so much fun.  Wes and I went out to dinner and then went home for a quiet night alone.  The boys were so excited to go somewhere without us...they felt all grown up!

January 4, 2002

    We will have a full house this weekend!  Wes' niece and two nephews are coming to visit.  We will have 6 children in the house, ages 7-14!  Jessica, Wes' niece, and I are going out to dinner.  We plan to have a girls night out!

February 1, 2002

    I am staying at the girl's cottage this weekend to cover because they are short staffed.  I haven't lived in a cottage with children since I left the Boy's Ranch.  I hope all goes well!  Keep me in your prayers...

February 3, 2002

    I am so excited that the Pats won!  I am from Massachusetts and of course a big fan.  I'm so proud of my boys!

February 11, 2002

    Wes and I went to a car show and a monster truck show in Tulsa over the weekend.  We had so much fun.  I didn't think I would like the monster trucks but I did!  He then surprised me with a suite at a hotel with a Jacuzzi, flowers, chocolates, and champagne.  It was so beautiful and romantic.  It was my early Valentine's present!  I love you Wes!

February 14, 2002
    Happy Valentine's Day!  Preston and Colt gave me my favorite chocolates, wine (fake of course) and a bathrobe.  We gave Wes a bag full of goodies.  We drank "wine" and played games to celebrate.  I guess this is what is like when you have kids now!  

February 17, 2002

    We have a new addition to our family.  When we were leaving Wal-mart today a lady and her children had a shopping carriage with free puppies inside it.  The boys and I gave Wes our most pitiful sad eyes ever and of course he caved in.  Our new puppy has been named Walter Lemly.  He is black and white and sooooooo cute!

February 21, 2002
    Happy 30th Birthday Wes!  He is getting older and older.  He of course blames all of the gray hair on me!  He still claims to be 16 years old at heart.  Wes needs to keep a young spirit and attitude to be able to keep up with the boys and me!  We keep him on his toes.

February 22, 2002

    We bought a DVD player today!  We are so behind in times.  We plan to stay in all weekend and watch movies.  The boys are going to their moms so it will be just us this weekend!  When I was single I would be out all weekend and now my big plans are to stay in bed all day and watch movies.  This doesn't happen very often so I am actually really excited!  

March 2, 2002

    We are being hit with a huge snow storm.  We have been so lucky this year but it's now catching up with us.  The boys have been in and out all day long.  They are having a blast!  Two of the men here at the Children's Home have 4 wheelers so they have been pulling sleds around for the children.  All of the children, including ours, are having a blast getting rides.  It makes me remember all of the snow storms in Boston.  Of course, we didn't have four wheelers though!

March 11, 2002

    Wes and I went to our old house last weekend to get the rest of our stuff.  We had a wonderful time visiting with my in-laws.  They live close to our old house.  Now that we live almost four hours away we don't get to see them as much.  They are wonderful to us and the boys.  We miss them a lot!

March 17, 2002

    Today Preston had a soccer game and I had to go to Oklahoma City for an Easter party for Child SHARE.(a part of Circle of Care).  Anyway, Colt decided that he wanted to go with me.  I was so excited to be able to spend some time with him alone.  Wes and I don't get to do that very often.  It was a long drive, about three hours, but Colt chatted the whole way there so he kept me entertained!  We enjoyed the day in Oklahoma City at the Easter party.  Colt had fun playing games and he even agreed to let me take his picture with the Easter bunny.  I told him that it is my job to embarrass him...for the rest of his life!  After the party we traveled over to the Oklahoma bombing memorial.  It was the first time either one of us had seen it.  I was truly amazed at Colt reaction.  He was really touched by it and asked lots of questions.  I don't think he realized so many children died in the bombing.  We stayed there for a while and just remembered what happened.  I was very happy just to be there with him.

March 18, 2002

    Happy 10th Birthday to Preston!  Today is Preston's birthday and we are taking him out to dinner with one of his friends.  

March 19, 2002

    Last night we went out to dinner and embarrassed Preston.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and they sang happy birthday to Preston in Spanish.  Then the lady put cream all over his face.  He was so embarrassed!!!

March 30, 2002

    Our niece and nephews are here for the weekend.  Six children at our house!  YIKES.  We all had fun watching Preston at his soccer game.  We were freezing but it was worth it!  We then went out for lunch and then all went roller skating!  This time I didn't even fall once!

March 31, 2002

    Happy Easter!  This has been a very long day for all of us.  We got up at 4:30 am to go to the Boy's Ranch for an Easter Sunrise Service.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.  The Easter bunny came to our house very early in the morning.  He must of known that we would be up early.  We stayed home all day and just had a relaxing day together.

April 1, 2002

    This morning I came out of my bedroom, right before the school bus came,  and told Preston and Colt that they didn't have to go to school today.  They were so excited.  They were jumping around.  Then I said APRIL FOOLS!!!!  They were ready to kill me...ha ha ha ha.

April 6, 2002

    Wes and I went to Eureka Springs for the day to try the restaurant that we are having dinner at after we get remarried.  On April 26th will be our second wedding!  The food was awesome and it was so beautiful!  The day we get remarried is going to be such an amazing day.  I am so lucky that Wes put everything together.  We has worked so hard to put together everything he dreamed of and everything I dreamed of and let me tell you...that is no small task.  Wes and I are alike with so many things but yet so different.  I think that is what I like best about our relationship.  There is always something new to learn!  

    Knowing how much I love chocolate Wes made our first stop at the candy factory in downtown Eureka Springs.  I had to have fudge with nuts and he had to have milk chocolate fudge.  Mine turned out to taste better so of course he sneaked many tastes.

April 12, 2002

    Tonight is the prom for the boys at the Boy's Ranch.  I have been so lucky to be able to take them to pick out their tuxes.  One of the boys is wearing a zute suit along with the hat, chains and cane.  The other young man is wearing a very "preppy" tux.  Each tux fits their personalities perfectly.  They both look so sharp.  

    Wes and I are surprising Colt, Preston and Dusty tonight with a guest.  Their grandparents are coming tonight to stay the night.  They want to see Preston play in a soccer game (playing tomorrow) and of course see their grandchildren.  They haven't seen them in awhile so it should be fun!  

    I am so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws.  His dad is remarried and so is his mom so I am blessed with four in-laws.  Holiday time is a bit hectic trying to get to see everyone but still lots of fun.  They are all so good to us.

April 13, 2002

    Hip Hip Hooray for Preston!  Preston's team won their first soccer game 5-2 and Preston scored his first goal!!!  We were so proud of him.  I could see him beaming from across the field.  Of course me being the sappy one had tears in my eyes.  I was so happy for him.  He works so hard to be able to play good and seeing his pride was amazing.  I wanted to run out onto the field and hug him but of course that just wouldn't be "cool."  Preston is very conscious about being "cool" in front of people.  Kisses and hugs from your mom just isn't cool.

    The excitement of the day didn't end there though.  A few weeks back Wes and I bought Preston, Colt, Dusty and myself new fishing poles.  Wes got a new one last year.  Anyway, we haven't been able to use them yet in the pond out back because it's been so cold.

    The weather finally got warm and we went fishing out back in the pond.  The fish must of been VERY hungry because they were biting right away.  I caught the first fish but of course it was the size of my hand but Dusty caught the biggest fish of all!

    He has a kids fishing pole that is truly made for catching perch or small fish but nooooo he went and hooked himself a HUGE catfish.  His pole was bent way over and the tough little guy was hanging on with all of his might.  He was screaming with delight and was not giving up the fight.  

    I wish I had a video camera.  It was the funniest thing I had ever seen.  He was yelling, "Who's the man?"  He was high fiving everyone and yelling with joy.  I have never seen him so excited about anything.

    We kept the fish for dinner and then shortly after that Wes reeled in a whopper of a catfish also.  Dusty's fish was still the biggest though!

    The gross part was Wes filleting the catfish.  The boys and I were disgusted by it.  Colt was actually a lot braver than Preston, Dusty and I.  It was a gross process but it tasted so good.  All in all we all had a blast!

April 20, 2002

Wes and I worked on the yard today.  We haven't done much to it since the beginning of the year.  We just aren't able to find time.  It took us all day to mow the yard, weed eat, and edge it.  I guess it helps to have a husband that is a groundskeeper so one of us will know what they are doing!  After all of this work I'm thinking that Wes needs to take me out to dinner!

April 23, 2002

Tomorrow Aunt Doll is coming from Arizona for the wedding.  We have a babysitter staying with the boys so we can both go pick her up.  She sould be arriving around 10 pm.  I can't wait to see her.  The boys are so excited.

April 25, 2002

Today was a busy day for us.  I had so many last minute things to do before tomorrow (the wedding.)  I had to get the tuxes (two didn't fit) and pick up Dusty in Fort Smith.  I also had to get last minute stuff for my dress.  Hopefully everything will work out ok.

April 29, 2002

Thank you God for such a wonderful husband!  I can't begin to tell you about our wonderful wedding.  It was amazing.  I have never been so proud of Wes and the boys.  

Coming soon...a Wedding page!

May 12, 2002

I spent the weekend in Tulsa at the girls home.  We had a mini beach retreat for all that are going to South Carolina.  Circle of Care provides a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the children and youth in residental care.  I went last year and will be going again.  Unfortunately, Wes, Preston and Colt will not be able to go with me.  We are leaving on June 15th and will be returning on June 22nd.  Hopefully all will go well.  Keep all of us in your prayers please!

May 13, 2002

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  Preston and Colt spent the weekend with thier mother.  I figured that I have them everyday so she could spend the day with them on Mother's Day.  I am just to nice!  Anyway, the boys gave me a cake (chocolate of course), flowers, and fake wine.  They love to buy the fake wine and drink out of wine glasses.  We did that at Valentines also.  Everything was very thoughtful!  I'm so lucky to be a stepmom to these boys!  I love them so much.

May 21, 2002

Today was the last day of school for Preston and Colt.  They are now onto 5th grade.  I thought this school year would never end.  It seemed like one thing after another with the both of them.  I can only hope and pray that next year goes a lot better.  I do think that they had a hard time this school year with all of the changes that went on in thier life.  So much happened and it was difficult for them to adjust to some of it.  They are excited to be out of school but nervous about 5th grade.  They have to go to a new school...AGAIN!  This will be a busy summer for all of us!